9 Wonderful Places to see in Rhodes

9 Wonderful Places to see in Rhodes
Panagia Tsambika Rhodes Beach

9 Wonderful Places to see in Rhodes.

9 Wonderful Places you must see in Rhodes.
A fairytale island that combines beautiful beaches,

attractions and entertainment options.


No matter how many days you choose to vacation in Rhodes,
in the end you would like to stay a little longer.
From the deep blue beaches to the medieval
and Venetian elements of the old town,
Rhodes is a top holiday destination in Greece.
To see as many places as you can,
the car rental option with a professional driver
of Rhodes is the best.
Let’s see what are the most impressive
places on the island and how to get there:
• The Palace of the Grand Master
• The Monastery of Panagia Tsampikas
• The Valley of the Butterflies
• Anthony Quinn Beach
• The Old Town
• Lindos
• The Springs of Kallithea
• Prasonisi

The Palace of the Grand Master

Without a doubt, the Palace of the Grand Master
is the most imposing attraction of Rhodes.
It was built by Knights of St. John
and is located inside the medieval city.
It was originally home to the Grand Master, head of the Order of the Knights
of St. John, and later to other governors of the island.
Inside the palace you will see various surviving furniture and objects of the time
such as candlesticks, mirrors and various finds from excavations.
The atmosphere inside the palace is very special
and will take you to a completely different area.
Grand Masters Palace - Rhodes

The Monastery of Panagia Tsampika

The Monastery is dedicated to Panagia Tsambika. It is located in the village of
Archangelos in Rhodes, where you can go by car.
Many vows have been made in her name
because it is said to help couples have children.
After climbing the 300 steps to reach the small church,
you will be rewarded by the wonderful view to the homonymous beach Tsambika.
After lighting your candle in the chapel, you can go for a swim on the beach
with fine sand and calm waters.
Panagia Tsambika Rhodes Beach

9 Wonderful Places to see in Rhodes.

The Valley of the Butterflies

Another very special place to visit is the Valley of the Butterflies.

You will need a car or a private tour with a proffessional driver to get there.

It is good to start early in the morning,
so you can enjoy the valley calmly before more visitors arrive.


Anthony Quinn Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Rhodes is Anthony Quinn.
It was named after the actor Anthony Quinn,
because of his love for this beach.
In fact, he dreamed of making it a resort
for the people of international cinema.
You can visit the beach either from the sea by boat or by land by car.
Taste Greek gastronomy, enjoy refreshing cocktails
in the restaurant and immerse yourself
in its emerald waters.
Anthony Quinn Beach Rhodes - Faliraki

The Old Town of Rhodes

The Old Town is within walking distance
if you live in the city of Rhodes.
If you live in another area of the island,
you can drive to the Old Town,
near the medieval wall.
Parking will not be difficult at all.
You can park nearby and explore the alleys of
the Old Town, enjoying a unique experience in the alleys,
once walked by the Knights of Rhodes.

Street of the Knights - Old Town - Rhodes


Lindos Village – Acropolis

The village of Lindos is suitable for your afternoon walk.
It is a picturesque village adorned by the famous Acropolis of Lindos,
an archeological site of unique beauty.

Lindos is accessible by car or with a taxi
driver fluent in english, at least to the main square.

Then continue on foot to its alleys and you can go down
to the sandy cove for fresh seafood in the taverns.


The Springs of Kallithea

The Springs of Kallithea is a renovated
area of special architecture with cobbled
It is a place worth seeing and swimming on the beach right in front.
Scenes from the old American film (1959)
Guns of Navarone with Anthony Quinn, David Neevan,
Gregory Peck and Irene Pappas were also shot in Piges of Kallithea.Also,
access is very easy and there is parking for cars.

Kallithea Springs - Rhodes

The Prasonisi

If you are interested in kite surfing,
Prasonisi is your destination.
With a separate morphology where a strip of land is wet on two sides,
a double beach is created.
Kite surfing lovers meet there, as strong winds often blow in the area.
Prasonisi Rhodes
In Rhodes there are many different things to see and experience.
The list goes on and on.
To enjoy your vacation comfortably,
we suggest renting a car with a driver.
The only thing you need to do is to contact us directly
So, you will be able to visit all these places to fill memories.

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