Acropolis of Rhodes

Acropolis of Rhodes
Acropolis of Rhodes

Acropolis of Rhodes

Rhodes Acropolis: A Stunning Ancient Greek Fortress

Acropolis of Rhodes

Acropolis of Rhodes,
also known as the Citadel of Rhodes,
is an ancient Greek fortress that is located
on the Aegean island of Rhodes, Greece.
Acropolis of Rhodes.


The citadel dates back to the 5th century BCE
and is considered one of the most well-preserved
examples of ancient Greek fortifications.

Visitors to the site will be struck by its
impressive size and the intricate
details of its architectural style.

Rhodes Ancient Stadium Diagoras

The History of Rhodes Acropolis

The history of Acropolis of Rhodes
dates back to the 5th century BCE,
when the island of Rhodes was a significant
city-state and an important center for trade.

The citadel was built to protect the city
from potential invasions and attacks by enemy forces.

Over the centuries, the citadel has been
destroyed and rebuilt several times,
including during the medieval period
when it was occupied by the Knights Hospitaller.

Today, the citadel is a popular tourist destination
and a testament to the rich history of the island of Rhodes.

The Architecture of Acropolis of Rhodes


Rhodes Ancient Amphitheatre

The architecture of Rhodes Acropolis
is a blend of ancient Greek and medieval styles.

Visitors will see the remains of ancient Greek
structures such as the
Temple of Aphrodite and the Temple of Zeus,
as well as medieval walls, towers, and gates.

The citadel is also known for its impressive
defensive walls, which are up to
40 meters high and 4 meters thick.

Visit Acropolis of Rhodes

Visiting Acropolis of Rhodes
is a must-do for anyone who
loves history and archaeology.

The site is open to visitors year-round
and can be reached by taking
a short walk from the city center.

Visitors can take guided tours of the citadel,
which will provide them with a more
in-depth understanding of its history and significance.

One of the highlights of visiting  Rhodes Acropolis
is the breathtaking views from the
top of the fortress walls.

From here, visitors can see the entire city
of Rhodes and the Aegean Sea beyond.

Additionally, the citadel is surrounded
by lush gardens and a peaceful park,
making it a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic.

In Conclusion

Rhodes Acropolis is a stunning
example of ancient Greek fortifications,
with a rich history that spans over 2,000 years.

Visitors to the site will be amazed
by its impressive size and intricate details,
as well as the breathtaking
views from the top of its walls.

Whether you are a history buff or simply
love exploring ancient ruins,
a visit to Rhodes Acropolis is a must.

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