Lindos Village – one day trip

Lindos Village – one day trip
Lindos Private Tour

Lindos Village - one day trip

Guide for One Day Trip to Lindos

Lindos is a village of Cycladic architecture located on the island of Rhodes.

Although the number of local residents is very small, tourists from various parts

of the world flock here during the summer, impressed by the scenery, from one of

the whitewashed sugar cube-shaped houses, known as “captain’s houses” and from the

another of the pristine turquoise sea bay.

Although it is a medieval town connected by pedestrian streets with cobbled streets

built between the 13th and 16th centuries, it hosts many tourist accommodations due

to the special beauty that this place offers.

Legend has it that Lindos was founded by one of the god sons of Zeus, and dates

back historically to 1000 BC, when it was founded by the Dorians. The architecture

of the village combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding area, make this

place a busy tourist center, especially during the summer months.

Saint Paul's Bay Lindos

A unique example of architecture in Rhodes

The traditional town of Lindos is a unique example of folk architecture. Lindos has

been a crossroads of cultures, with medieval, Byzantine and Arabic styles combining

to create the distinctive architecture of its houses.

The Acropolis of Lindos is an archaeological site built on a 116 m high cliff,

dominating the traditional settlement of Lindos in Rhodes.

It bears witness to the rich history of Rhodes

As Lindos has been continuously inhabited over the centuries, this area has a rich

history and has revealed archaeological findings from the Archaic era and later, as

well as building activity that goes back to the age of Chivalry (14th-16th centuries).

Lindos - Acropolis Rhodes


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