Rhodes Greece Map

Rhodes Greece Map
Rhodes city tour

Rhodes Greece Map

Rhodes Greece Map

Rhodes is a beautiful
island in Greece,

located in the Aegean Sea.

Rhodes island is the largest
of the Dodecanese Islands
and a popular tourist destination
for its rich history,
stunning beaches,
and diverse landscapes.

In this article, we will take a closer look
at the Rhodes Greece Map,
including its geography,
transportation, and notable landmarks.

Geography of Rhodes Island:

The island of Rhodes
is approximately 78 km long
and 38 km wide,
making it the fourth-largest
island in Greece.

It is characterized by a diverse landscape
that includes forests, mountains,
and fertile plains.

The highest point on the
island is Mount Attavyros,
which stands at 1,215 meters.

Rhodes Greece Map

The island is surrounded
by crystal-clear waters,
and its many beaches are considered
some of the best in Greece.

Transportation of Rhodes:

Rhodes is well connected
to other parts of Greece
and the rest of the world.

Rhodes island has only
one commercial-international airport.

Rhodes International Airport
is located near the city of Rhodes
and is the main airport for the island,
with flights to and from
major European cities.

In addition to air travel,
visitors can also reach
Rhodes by ferry or boat.

There are daily ferry services
connecting the island to Piraeus,
the main port of Athens,
as well as to other Greek
islands and nearby Turkish cities.
Rhodes Greece Map.

Visitors can also take advantage
of the island’s well-developed road network
to explore its many attractions
by car, scooter, or bicycle.

Notable Landmarks:
The island of Rhodes
is home to many fascinating
landmarks that highlight
its rich history and cultural heritage.

Some of the most notable
landmarks include:

The Old Town of Rhodes:

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
that features the remains
of a medieval city
that was once the capital
of the Knights Hospitaller.


The Old Town is surrounded
by walls and is home
to many historic buildings,
including the Palace
of the Grand Master,
which is now a museum.


The Acropolis of Rhodes:
This is an ancient citadel that was built
on a hill in the center of the city.


It was used as a military fortification in
ancient times and is now a popular tourist
the attraction that offers stunning views
of the city and the sea.


The Temple of Apollo:
This is one of the largest and
best-preserved ancient
temples in Greece.

It was built in the 4th century BC
and is dedicated to the god Apollo.

The Colossus of Rhodes:
This was one of the Seven Wonders
of the Ancient World and was a statue
of the god Helios that stood over 30 meters tall.

It was destroyed by an earthquake
in 226 BC and is now a
popular tourist attraction.


These are just a few
of the many landmarks
that visitors can explore
on the island of Rhodes.

Rhodes Greece Map

With its diverse geography, rich history,
and beautiful beaches,
Rhodes is an ideal destination
for those looking
for a relaxed and sun-drenched vacation.

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