Rhodes Island Info

Rhodes Island – Greece

The Pearl if the Mediterranean Sea

Rhodes, the island of the sun,
is of enormous interest both

for its natural beauties
and for its archaeological treasures.
Rhodes island info!

With its marvelous climate
and excellent tourist infrastructure,

it is suitable for holidays all year round.


Rhodes Island Info


Miles of sandy and pebble beaches,
picturesque harbors, a sea of impressive depth,
deeply shaded valleys, green mountains,

monuments from all periods of time, dazzling
white villages and the good hearted islands

are the main hallmarks of this beautiful island.


Rhodes island lies
in the southeastern part
of the Aegean Sea.

It is the largest island and capital
of the Dodecanese Islands.

Rhodes Island Info

Rhodes is 270 nautical miles from Piraeus
and has an area of 1400 sq km and a length of 78 km.

Rhodes boasts on an average 300 days
of sunshine per year.
Its population today is approximately 130,000.

UNESCO has recently proclaimed Rhodes
as a monument of global heritage
Lindos Village and Acropolis.

The lovely village of Lindos
is the most attractive
and beautiful village of Rhodes.

It’s located south of the capital,
on the eastern coast of the island,
at a distance of 54km from the city of Rhodes.

Beautiful scenery, a lively traditional village,
colours and atmosphere of another era
and traditional white houses
in absolute semmetry attract thousands
of visitors each year.

The paths of the village
are filled with fine restaurants,
bars and interesting gift shops.
Overlooking Lindos bay
and the Aegean Sea stands
the famous Acropolis of Lindos
and the remains of Lyndia Athenas’ temple.


Rhodes – Platoni deers

Rhodes island wild life

Rhodes is famous for the reach population of Platoni or Dama Dama deer.

Is a medium-size deer.

During the winter the animal’s back,
neck and ears have a dark grey color.

It is distinctive for the white spots spread out in

its upper body and are useful mainly as camouflage.


Every year in May, males loose their antlers

which grow back slowly until September.

For each year of age
a new tine is added to their flat antlers.

Visitors can explore the medieval city walls,
the Palace of the Grand Masters,
and the impressive street of the Knights.

The island also boasts several ancient ruins,
including the Acropolis of Rhodes,
the Temple of Apollo, and the stadium,
where the famous Rhodes games were held.

The beaches of Rhodes are some
of the most beautiful in Greece,
with crystal-clear waters and a range of activities available,
from windsurfing to snorkeling.

Lindos is one of the most popular
beaches on the island,
with its crystal-clear waters
and stunning views of the Acropolis.

Rhodes is also a great place
to indulge in local cuisine, including fresh seafood dishes
and traditional Greek specialties.

The nightlife on the island is vibrant,
with a range of bars, clubs,
and tavernas for visitors to enjoy.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture,
or just soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach,
Rhodes is the perfect destination.

With its rich history, stunning scenery,
and endless opportunities
for relaxation and adventure,
this island is a must-visit
for anyone traveling to Greece.

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