The Mentos family started
creating amazing jewelry in May 1955.

The priority and goal of the creator
Michalis Mentos was the perfection.

His work was appreciated
by as few on the island of Rhodes.

Our travel agency unreservedly
recommends them for the integrity
and ethos of the family.

History of Jewelries

A form of artistic creation that is associated
with the ancient and universal need
for beautification and reflects the spiritual
and aesthetic values ​​of Hellenism
in all phases of its historical course.

The personal experiential hue of the jewelry,
but also its continuation from the old, familiar,
shapes that lead, without gaps to our days,
allows us to watch the story
from a special point
of view, closely connected with everyday
life and mentalities of society.

Jewelry, in addition to being the main economic
component of our society, causes in itself
an irresistible attraction – especially
to the female audience – and gives it high prestige.

Often its design, in our century,
was very daring and symbolized
the strong contrasts of movements and fashion trends.

The vast variety of jewelry designs,
their adaptability and variability
are the key elements that attract
even today their enthusiastic collectors.

The spirit of style has been incorporated
into jewelry, which has been handled
by big names in art and fashion,
such as Lalique, Chanel, Lanvin and Schiaparelli.

Highly recommended
for your shopping in Rhodes!

Owner Mr Bill Sinesiou

Tel.: +302241023936

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Rhodes Jewellery