Rhodes Port Private Tours and Transfers

Rhodes Port Private Tours and Transfers

Rhodes Port Private Tours and Transfers

are a great way to explore the beautiful
Island of Rhodes in Greece.

The island is known for its rich history,
stunning beaches, picturesque villages,
and a private tour allows you
to customize your itinerary and
see the sights that most interest you.

One popular option is a walking tour
of the medieval Old Town of Rhodes,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This charming area is filled
with narrow streets, ancient ruins,
and impressive fortifications.

Rhodes island Greece

Visitors can explore the Palace
of the Grand Masters, the Street of the Knights,
and the Byzantine Church of Our Lady
of the Castle.

Another popular tour is a visit
to the Valley of the Butterflies.

A natural reserve located
near the village of Petaloudes.

Here, visitors can see thousands
of butterflies fluttering
around the lush vegetation.

Rhodes Shore Excursions

For those interested in history,
there’s a tour of the Ancient city
of Kamiros, which dates back
to the 8th century BC.

Rhodes Port Private Tours and Transfers

The city was once an important center
of the island and offers a glimpse
into the past with its well-preserved ruins.

Rhodes Port Private Transfers
are also available for those who would

like to explore the island on their own.

You can arrange for a private car
and fluent in English driver to take you
to your desired destination, allowing
you to plan your own itinerary and travel
at your own pace.

Rhodes Port Private Tours and Transfers
are a great way to experience

the island’s beauty, history, and culture.

We offer flexibility and
the convenience of customizable itineraries
and the comfort and luxury
of private transportation.

Our services are available in
all major ports of Greece.

Such as AthensMykonosSantoriniCrete,
Patmos, Zakynthos, Katakolon.

Thank you in advance for choosing
Rhodes Private Tours and Transfers

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