Rhodes Town - West coast & Wine tasting

Duration of the tour: Approximately 7 hours

Tour Itinerary

We start in the Old Town; we will walk up through the street of the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem passing the impressively restored Palace of the Grand Masters. We continue to the entrance of the old harbor where the famous Colossus of Rhodes once stood, and then past the many hotel complexes as we drive up to the Acropolis of Rhodes. >From that point you will enjoy an excellent panoramic view. Then we visit the Temple of Apollo, the Greek Stadium and the Greek Amphitheatre.

Then starting to move inland passing through local villages we come to the Filerimos where you can climb the steps inside the cross and take in the breath taking views. Next it’s Butterfly Valley always beautiful but especially from June to September when thousands of multi-coloured butterflies appear. Relax by the fresh water stream or take a walk through the valley. Entrances fees approx 5 euros.

The highlight of the day, if you enjoy wine will be the wine tasting in one of the two local wine factories, try some of the many wines and liquors made on the Island, then buy your favourites from the factory shop, a quick stop at traditional shop selling local olive oil, soaps and spices. Upon returning to Rhodes Town, you may choose to be dropped off to your hotel, or your cruise ship, or near the city gates of the Old Town for independent browsing.

General information about our wine…
The wine of Rhodes: Rhodes is one of the greatest Greek areas when it comes to wine production. The wine production of Rhodes started in the ancient times when the Phoenicians, who inhabited the island before the Greeks, cultivated vineyards on the island. By the end of the 7th century BC, Rhodes was already an important exporter to the rest of the ancient world. This important role extended in the Middle Ages due to the production of Malmsey, or Malvasia as it is known today, a wine grape variety mainly cultivated in Mediterranean countries.

Today, the largest producer is the Cair cooperative Emery and Triantafyllou traditional winery, whose wines have been the most demanded during the last two decades.

Another important producer is the Triantafyllos family, which has a winery boutique in Emvonas village. Apart from producing Mandelaria and Athiri, they also have the particularity of being the first in Greece to produce and market a Methode Champenoise sparkling wine, a brut and semi-sec beverage made from Athiri grapes.

The wines of Rhodes are blessed by the climate of this island, rainy in winter and dry in the rest of the year. There are also important cooling winds that mitigate the soil temperature during the strong summer heat. Almost 7,500 acres of wine are cultivated on Rhodes island and the most popular shape of grape is the circular grape, which is more resistant to dry climate and hot temperatures.

In addition, Rhodes soil contains asvestolithos and the area has never experienced Phylloxera, a pest of grapevines. This maintained the good state of Rhodes vineyards.

Taste the Rhodian wine when you go to the island and have in mind that they would be nice souvenirs to take back home!

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