Rhodes island Souvenirs

Rhodes Pottery tradition!

During the 19th and 20th century
most of the pottery workshops of Rhodes
were operating in the village of Archangelos.

The area was scattered with Rhodian pottery,
which operated from March to October.

Same thing till our days.

The quality of the clay
was and is the best in Greece.

Informative tiles of Saint Sophia in Istanbul
were made from the clay of Rhodes.

Craftsmen made useful objects
for the everyday household.

Each ceramic is handmade
and unique

Over the years their value is upgraded
because each one is unique.

Replicas of Greek ceramics and vases !

The illustrated figures represented with great accuracy the motives of original pieces of the ancient Greek civilization.

The manufacture of the Greek ceramic vases is entirely handmade, it’s made ​​in the tradition of thousands of years ago.

Each piece is unique.

Rhodes Pottery - Souvenirs
Rhodes Pottery - Souvenirs
Rhodes Souvenirs
Rhodes Pottery